DHTML Basiskennis

DHTML BasiskennisIn deze DHTML cursus / training leert u de basis van DHTML en u leert hoe u DHTML kunt toepassen voor het dynamisch maken van uw webpagina’s. Onderwerpen die onder andere aan bod komen zijn de basisprincipes van DHTML, CSS rules, layout effects, dynamische positionering, JavaScript en de DOM architectuur.
Uw resultaat
U kent de basis van DHTML en kunt deze toepassen in uw dagelijkse praktijk.
Ontwikkelaars / programmeurs die zich de basis van DHTML eigen willen maken.
Inhoud DHTML cursus
De training / cursus DHTML Basiskennis is opgebouwd uit twee lessen:
DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets

Recognize how DHTML is used to create dynamic web pages and determine when it should be used
Differentiate between DHTML features for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
Identify techniques for detecting the different platforms that can use DHTML features
Set up CSS rules to define how HTML should behave in the browser window and distinguish between embedded, in-line, and linked style sheets
Use CSS font and text controls to control the appearance of fonts and the arrangement of text in web pages
Apply the list-style, color, and background properties to HTML elements
Use Cascading Style Sheets to add typographical and layout effects to a web page
Apply element positioning using Cascading Style Sheets
Use CSS to add headlines, side bars, title bars, drop caps, and columns to web pages
Add dynamic positioning to a web page and create a headline and side bar for it using CSS

Making Content Dynamic with DHTML

Identify the role of the Document Object Model in DHTML, use the DOM architecture to represent elements of a web page, and list techniques for cross-browser DOM support
Identify how events and event handlers work and list the major differences between how different browsers handle events
Create a basic JavaScript script in a DHTML page
Use basic JavaScript elements in DHTML documents
Use basic JavaScript to add simple dynamic functionality to a web page
Write basic dynamic content using JavaScript functionality
Write code to manipulate loaded content in response to a specific user action
Write code to dynamically manipulate element positioning using DHTML
Make a static web page more dynamic by combining all of the DHTML technologies – HTML, JavaScript, DOM, and CSS

Benodigde voorkennis
U heeft basiskennis van HTML en JavaScript.

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